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Primary Contacts for the LTEE [Contact Us]

Richard Lenski

Michigan State University

Founder of the LTEE

Jeffrey Barrick

The University of Texas at Austin

Director of the LTEE

Dominique Schneider

Université Grenoble Alpes

LTEE Collaborator since 1998

LTEE Curators

Zachary Blount

Michigan State University

LTEE History, Historical Contingency, Speciation

Tanush Jagdish

Harvard University

Evolution and Origins

Devin Lake

Michigan State University

Evolutionary Theory, Population Genetics, Computational Biology

Elizabeth C. Robinson

The University of Texas at Austin

Gene Therapy, Science Communication, Ethics

Researchers Studying the LTEE

Joao Ascensao

University of California, Berkeley

Eco-evolutionary Dynamics, High-throughput Experiments

Michael Baym

Harvard Medical School

Genomic Robustness, Antibiotic Resistance

Kyle Card

Cleveland Clinic

Microbial and Cancer Evolution, Drug Resistance

Tim Cooper

Massey University

Adaptation, Epistasis, Microbial Genetics

Alex Couce

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Mutation Rates, Mutation Biases, Epistasis

Daniel Deatherage

The University of Texas at Austin

Next-Generation Sequencing, Genomics

Michael Desai

Harvard University

Experimental Evolution, Population Genetics

Benjamin Good

Stanford University

Evolutionary Dynamics, Microbial Communities

Nkrumah Grant

University of Idaho

Metabolism, Morphology, Transcriptomics, Relaxed Selection

Oskar Hallatschek

University of California, Berkeley

Predicting and Controlling Eco-evolutionary Dynamics

Md Hassan uz-Zaman

The University of Texas at Austin

Novel Gene Evolution

Minako Izutsu

Michigan State University

Rate of Adaptation, Population Size, Mutation Rate, Population Dynamics

Jalin Jordan

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Effect of Genetic Background on Fitness Costs of Antibiotic Resistance

Ben Kerr

University of Washington

Experimental Evolutionary Genetics & Ecology

Rohan Maddamsetti

Duke University

Molecular Evolution, Synthetic Biology, Genomics

Martino Malerba

Deakin University

Carbon Cycle, Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Climate change

Dustin Marshall

Monash University

Metabolic Theory, Body Size

Chris Marx

University of Idaho

Epistasis, Metabolism

Hugo Mathé-Hubert


Co-Existence, Antibiotic Resistance, Epistasis

Michael McDonald

Monash University

Experimental Evolution, Microbial Communities

Alex N. Nguyen Ba

University of Toronto

Evolution, Genetics

Deepa Rajan

University of California, San Francisco

Thermodynamic Patterns in Evolution

Premal Shah

Rutgers University

Translation, Codon Bias, Gene Expression Evolution

Olivier Tenaillon


Microbial Genomics and Evolutionary Genetics

Caroline Turner

Loyola University Chicago

Eco-Evolutionary Interactions, Parallel Evolution, Ecological Stoichiometry

Katrina van Raay

Nanostring Technologies

Coevolution & Ecology, Historical Contingency, Spatial Genomics

Mike Wiser

Michigan State University

Experimental Evolution, Fitness Landscapes

Luis Zaman

University of Michigan

Evolution of Complexity, Coevolution

Sébastien Wielgoss

ETH Zurich

Mutation Rate Evolution, Population Genomics, Social Evolution & Ecology

Past Participants in the LTEE