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Darwin Day 2024 in Tyler, TX

Earlier this spring, I had a fantastic visit to Tyler Junior College (TJC) and UT Tyler to give two public presentations as part of their Darwin Day events. One was focused on the long-term evolution experiment (shown below).

Tyler has a long-running Darwin Day event. Many thanks to my hosts, including Brent Bill at UT Tyler and Danielle Pritchard at TJC, and many others who organized events and offered hospitality. I especially enjoyed discussions with students at the TJC STEM Club and hearing about ongoing research projects from students and faculty at UT Tyler. They even have a new faculty member, Wei-Chin Ho, who works on experimental evolution with E. coli!

Lastly, thanks to Tom Hooten for recording and then assembling this video of the lecture. You can check out his channel on YouTube to see videos from other past Darwin Day speakers that they have hosted.