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Time to Reflect on Darwin’s Birthday

Charles Darwin, founder of our field, and the one who made biology a real science, was born on this day in 1809, an exact birthday shared with Abraham Lincoln. Remember to think of him and all the work he did to bring us to where we are, being sure to also remember that he did the vast bulk of it all while disabled by chronic illness. 

The Guardian published the following article yesterday on the announcement that Darwin Online, the magnificent online repository of Darwin’s works, has completed its project of cataloguing the full list of titles from Darwin’s extensive library, which he used as references to The Origin and his many other books:

Contents of Charles Darwin’s entire personal library revealed for first time | Charles Darwin | The Guardian

Also, if you want some lessons on the importance of rest and reflection to a productive scientific career from Darwin and others, this is a nice article:

Darwin Was a Slacker and You Should Be Too – Nautilus

Take some time to gaze at Darwin and reflect!

Zachary Blount gazing at Darwin statue
Zachary Blount with the statue of Charles Darwin at the British Natural History Museum in London